1. How much is shipping: Our shipping is always FREE!

2. Can I cancel an order? Yes, as long as it hasn’t shipped yet, simply contact us and we will cancel it.

3. How much protein is in each snack? All of the protein and nutritional information can be found on each snack page, just scroll through the pictures to view nutritional and protein content.

4. Are your snacks Gluten Free? MOST are, but not all. Please refer to each snack page for more info.

5. I am a retailer, how do I open up a wholesale account to sell your products in my store?

Please reach out to us here

6. How are your products packaged? The meals and drinks are are packaged in small packs (powder form) and have instructions on how to prepare them once you receive them. The chips, crisps, protein bars, and cookies are packaged individually in standard bags, IE Potato chip bag.

7. Who should buy these products? Anyone looking to add protein to their diet. Whether it be someone who is lifting weights, working out, training for a marathon, or just any person looking for more protein and less fat and sugar. Some of these snacks can act as a meal replacement (although you should always consult your doctor) , and the protein meals we sell can act as a meal or supplemental protein meal to your current diet.

8. Are these foods made in the US? Yes!

9. The snacks, drinks and meals add protein, but do they taste good? Yes! They taste very good and unlike most protein supplements, our snacks and meals do not contain much fat or added sugar so they are excellent choices of healthy protein supplements. 

10. How long does it take when I order my product to receive it? Please allow 3-7 business days to receive.